Wednesday, 30 January 2019


SPACEWALKER (aka: Spacewalk, aka: The Age Of Pioneers, 2017) 

This great Russian docudrama is about cosmonaut Leonov in 1965. 

After the space capsule lands in a forest, there are five Mil Mi-8 flights searching for the missing cosmonauts.

Flying through bad weather, a Hip SAR crew locate the lost men.

The pilot spots a signal flare, and hovers above the capsule’s parachute that’s caught in tree-tops.

The news-reel section of the movie’s finale includes brief shots of an Mil Mi-6 Hook.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Kill Switch


Although not strictly helicopters, as they have no rotors, the jet-powered VTOL drones of this sci-fi actioner operate much like the tri- / quad-copter flying machines that they vaguely resemble.  

Various copter-styled models of these futuristic security drones patrol a city in the alternative ‘cloned’ world and, during the special effects sequences, several are shot down by gun-men on the ground.  

Thursday, 10 January 2019



This Marvel TV series is a crime drama remake about a US marine turned vigilante. 

Season one’s fifth episode Gunner features a quad-copter drone that flies over a forest in Kentucky, during the hero’s shoot-out with mercenaries. 

Monday, 7 January 2019


RENEGADES (aka: American Renegades, 2017) 

This action-adventure movie is about a salvage heist by a military commando squad. 

When the US navy SEAL team visit a lake, their MD-520N Defender (portrayed by an NH-500E) performs low-flying stunts over a Bosnian forest until the hero's NOTAR gunship is attacked by missiles from an enemy jet-fighter.

The chopper returns fire and the damaged war-plane is chased away.

Later, a US marines CH-53 Super Stallion arrives just in time to rescue some rogue heroes from the lake, and air-lift a stash of Nazi gold. 

The Black Hawk on the DVD cover does not appear in this movie. 

Thursday, 3 January 2019


THE MUMMY (2017) 

This monster movie launches the ‘Dark Universe’ franchise of 21st century remakes.

There’s a Bell UH-1N transport used by a US army officer in Iraq, and another Huey flies overhead.

The Bell 212 air-lifts an Egyptian sarcophagus from its hidden tomb.

Two Huey flights join a military convoy that’s crossing the desert, and the chopper delivers its relic haul to a military cargo plane.