Monday, 4 March 2019


S.W.A.T. (2017) 

This TV action show is a remake based on the 1970s series about a squad of Special Weapons And Tactics cops in Los Angeles.

In season one’s first episode, there’s a brief glimpse of a SWAT AS-350 hovering at a crime scene. 

The second episode, Cuchillo, features a SWAT Black Hawk that brings team leader Hondo (Shemar Moore) to a siege at a cabin in the woods.

Aiming from the low-hovering Black Hawk, Hondo shoots an escaped convict.

Miracle has a quad-copter drone providing SWAT with eye-in-the-sky views above a cemetery chapel during a night raid.

Seizure includes an AS-355 Twin-Star flying a SWAT cop to hospital.

Hunted has a Black Hawk fly over a forest, during a search for missing cops.

The SWAT team use ropes to drop down to the ground. 

Season finale Hoax has an AS-350 A-Star circling a car park, after the climactic stunt crash.

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