Friday, 21 December 2018

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle


This comedy adventure movie features a Bell UH-1H, found in a barn at a jungle camp and stolen by the heroes as their getaway vehicle. 

The Huey gunship’s main rotor is damaged by enemy rocket fire.

The chopper hacks through tree-tops and drops into rocky gorge where the pilot says “the collective is busted”, and the Huey nearly crashes.

Flying just above the ground, the Huey is chased by rhinos while the hero climbs up, outside of the cabin to fix the rotor in mid-air, just in time to escape from a stampede in the canyon.

The heroes return for a dropped jewel and one of the sidekicks is pushed out of the Huey to distract animals.

When the sidekick returns, and falls from the sky, the chopper tilts over on its side to catch the falling man.

This flying stunt sequence was filmed in a studio with the actors aboard a helicopter prop and green screens for digital visual effects.   

Eventually, the Huey lands safely on a hill-side.

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