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SEAL TEAM (2017) 

This TV series, starring David Boreanaz, is a military drama about US navy S.E.A.L. commandos on various missions. 

Several sequences, supposedly shot on locations at US military bases, feature Black Hawks and Chinook transports parked in the background. 

Animated graphics of a Black Hawk gunship appear in the show’s title card. 

Season one's first episode, Tip Of The Spear, has a Black Hawk gunship take off with the SEAL team for a secret mission in Africa. 

The heroes are using three Black Hawks, flying at night. 

A Black Hawk hovers to drop soldiers onto a roof-top. 

After the rescue mission, a Black Hawk lands at the US base.

Episode Call Out features a Black Hawk taking off at night, using footage recycled from the season's debut. 

Never Get Out Of The Boat includes a Black Hawk, with its rotors turning, on the US base. 

In Name Only has animation effects of three Black Hawks flying troops back to base at sunrise. 

The season’s best rotary action episode is Enemy Of My Enemy, with a pair of Bell 205 transports - Hueys borrowed from the DEA - used by the heroes on an urgent mission.

The two Hueys return to pick up troops, returning with a prisoner. 

The choppers get airborne just in time to escape from enemy gun-men. 

Heroes on Hueys return fire. 

When a rocket attack targets the Hueys, both choppers launch flares. 

One Huey is damaged by the missile and crashes off-screen. 

The Graveyard Of Empires features a Huey fliying to rescue a team from the downed helicopter. 

Huey lands nearby to drop off troops a couple of miles from survivors of the crash. 

The same Huey picks up the heroes after their mission. 

The Cost Of Doing Business has a Black Hawk flying the SEALs up into the Afghan mountains for a raid on an enemy's bunker. 

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