Friday, 29 December 2017

Shin Godzilla


This Japanese remake of the monster movie franchise includes an EC-225 Super Puma as the coast guard flight over Tokyo bay.

Establishing shots of an army air-base include four CH-47J helicopters parked on the concrete, and a couple of AH-1S Cobras stored in a hanger.  

The first rotary action sequence of visual effects has four AH-1S Cobras but this helicopter attack on Godzilla is called off to protect civilians.

There’s a brief appearance for a Kawasaki OH-1 Scout and, when Godzilla leaves the city, a Japanese navy SH-60K patrol drops a sonar probe into sea.

Later, Cobras and AH-64D Apache Longbow choppers take off from a squadron base in Tokyo to defend the city, but their machine-guns and even missiles have no effect on Godzilla.

The pilot of an unarmed OH-1 Scout reports the failure of military forces.  

A Eurocopter EC-225LP provides emergency vehicle for the president, but this night flight is destroyed in mid-air by Godzilla’s radioactive power.

Finally, three Kawasaki CH-47J choppers fly civilians to safety during an evacuation of a city.

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